LA Students Clean the Arroyo

February 25, 2008 - Twenty-five volunteers made it out to the stream cleanup under the Colorado Street Bridge this past weekend. Thanks to the efforts of everyone involved, the event was a big success. here is a picture of students from the California Academy for Liberal Studies. In the picture you not only see the bags of trash they pulled out of the Arroyo, you also see the mounds of invasive species piled up behind them. This was the third time that these students have come to clean up the arroyo. A dedicated group of students from Marshall Fundamental also participated.

A trash-free Arroyo Seco is within reach. Within the next six months, more than 500 full capture trash inserts will be installed in storm drains throughout western Pasadena as part of the Central Arroyo Stream Restoration Program. These inserts will significantly reduce the amount of trash entering the stream.

In order to quantify the full effect of these inserts, the stream must be free of trash at the time of their installation. Monthly cleanups will be held to make sure all trash is removed from the soft bottom section of the Arroyo underneath the 134 bridge. If you would like to help us work toward this noble goal, stay tuned for future announcements on stream cleanups.

To those who made it out this past weekend, thank you so very much. To those of you who couldn't make it out on Saturday, we hope to see you next time!

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