Ten Top Reasons Why the Arroyo Seco Should be a Focus for LA River Revitalization

  1. The LA River Revitalization Program needs quick successes that the Arroyo Seco can provide. The Arroyo Seco offers an unparalleled opportunity for meaningful habitat and stream restoration on the Los Angeles River system. The parklands and open space that line the Arroyo Seco can and should be models for removing concrete and restoring riverine and ecosystem function on the River that can be applied at other spots throughout the LA River system.
  2. The Arroyo Seco Confluence provides the key linkage to another 22 linear miles of the river system, extending all the way into the Angeles National Forest. The Arroyo Seco links downtown LA with the San Gabriel Mountains, including even wilderness areas there. Unlike any of the other opportunity sites, the AS Confluence provides a linkage to vital habitat and wildlife corridor, joining the San Gabriel Mountains to the Santa Monica Mountains.
  3. The Arroyo Seco Confluence is a key spot for flood management and water quality improvements, draining a key urban watershed of the LA River system. This site can produce real and substantial flood management and water quality results.
  4. The AS Confluence is the third element of the LA River State Park. The other two elements (Cornfields and Taylor Yards) are both included as opportunity sites and have have significant planning and development as park components. The Arroyo Seco Confluence has been largely neglected.
  5. The AS is the connecting link to the communities of Lincoln Heights, Cypress Park, Montecito Heights, Hermon, Mount Washington, and Highland Park in Los Angeles and to South Pasadena, Pasadena, La Canada Flintridge, Altadena and the San Gabriel Mountains.
  6. There already has been tremendous agency and community involvement in the development of a watershed plan for the Arroyo Seco that involves the key agencies in the Council of Arroyo Seco Agencies (CASA) and community groups in the Council of Arroyo Seco Agencies (CASO). This is a watershed approach rather just a patchwork approach based on isolated sites.
  7. The US Army Corps of Engineers has initiated an Arroyo Seco watershed restoration feasibility study with the County of Los Angeles, and the cities of Los Angeles, Pasadena, La Canada Flintridge and South Pasadena that provides an invaluable opportunity to leverage and multiply LA River enhancements.
  8. Most of the land in the immediate area of the Arroyo Seco Confluence is already owned by the City of Los Angeles, which offers potential for significant improvements quickly.
  9. Unlike several other opportunity sites, the Arroyo Seco has an active, energetic constituency that can provide the support and stewardship that will make River restoration projects successful.
  10. Historically, culturally, environmentally and hydrologically the Arroyo Seco surpasses all the opportunity sites. It was the confluence that determined the location of downtown Los Angeles when the pueblo was established in 1781, and it has always been an integral part of LA River history.