El Niño Update and Look Forward

March, 2016

Throughout California the month of February has brought back warm conditions and below average precipitation. Despite El Niño's capacity to favor conditions for above average rainfall and snow, a high pressure system off the coast, eerily representative of the Ridiculous Resilient Ridge, has stalled momentum for these conditions. March 1st statewide snow survey for California elucidated this trend, reporting snowpack at 83% of the historical average.

The statewide survey on February 1st was at 130% of the average. This decline also coincides with a climate milestone, when the Northern Hemisphere's average temperature reached 2 degrees Celsius above average for the first time in recorded history.

Despite these ominous trends there may be relief. Daniel Swan, Stanford climatologist, in a recent blog states: "The persistent ridging of the past month or so is rapidly being displaced by a series of powerful storm systems." That is good news as he predicts greater precipitation statewide this month. However he warns drought conditions may still be a factor come summer. So continue to conserve water and stay tuned for the latest updates.