The Arroyo Seco - Key to LA River Revitalization

LA River LogoJune 11, 2007 - Arroyo fans have long been concerned that the LA River Revitalization Master Plan seems to ignore the major tributaries and the watershed. First the planners defined the scope of their work narrowly; then they eliminated the Arroyo Seco Confluence, probably the most important spot on the entire river for historical and hydrologic reasons, from consideration as an opportunity site.

The Ad Hoc River Committee of the LA City Council is now considering how to include the major tributaries in the LA River Revitalization efforts. Tujunga Wash seems to be included, but not the Arroyo Seco.

Background: In approving the LA River Revitalization Master Plan last month, the LA City Council directed the Bureau of Engineering (BOE) to develop a plan of action on how to include the various tributaries and watersheds which feed into the Los Angeles River into the work done on the Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan. This Monday BOE will report back to the Ad Hoc River Committee of the Council with suggestions for possible funding to achieve the expressed goal of including the tributaries and watersheds into the LA River Revitalization Master Plan.

The BOE report recommends including Tujunga Wash in the master plan efforts, but it seems to leave the Arroyo Seco out. Here's a relevant section of the report.

"Given that the Tujunga Wash is a significant tributary to the Los Angeles River, that its confluence and significant upstream reaches-including the Hansen Dam Flood Control Basin-are located within the City, that it is undergoing a watershed-scale analysis, and this focus is consistent with the LARRMP's pledge to coordinate with efforts within the watershed, it is a particularly appropriate candidate for future near-term focus. Also, since there is an ongoing watershed study of the Arroyo Seco tributary, it serves as a precedent for focusing attention on the Tujunga Wash as an informative peer case. Communities surrounding the Tujunga Wash have already been targeted for redevelopment funding by the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)."

Both Tujunga and the Arroyo Seco should be given full status in the LARRMP process. The same logic that applies to Tujunga works for AS. They are major forces in shaping the LA River and its impacts, especially water quality and flooding, In fact if the LARRMP doesn't expand to become more of a watershed approach, it cannot achieve its goals for water supply and quality, flood management, recreation, or stream and habitat restoration.

We hope the Arroyo Seco Council members, Ed Reyes and Jose Huizar, will wade in on this issue and take leadership.

Please urge the Ad Hoc River Committee to include the Arroyo Seco in the River Revitalization program and send a message to our Arroyo Council Members:

Council Member Ed Reyes

Council Member Jose Huizar

Thanks for caring about the Arroyo!

You can obtain the BOE report at this link: BOE Report

The LA River Revitatlization Plan has now been issued, but the Arroyo Seco, one of the most promising opportunities on the river, is given scant attention. Yes, the Arroyo Seco Confluence is mentioned as one of twenty "Opportunity Sites," but it is not one of the five favored sites that receive the bulk of the attention.

Here is some background on the importance of the Arroyo Seco to Los Angeles River Revitalization efforts.

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