Local Conservation Rebates

Water AgencyPhoneLow-flow ToiletHigh Efficiency Clothes WasherDual Flush Toilet
Lincoln Avenue Water Company626-798-9101$60.00$100.00$0
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power800-342-5397$100.00$150.00$0
Los Flores Water Company626-797-1138$60.00$100.00$0
Pasadena Water and Power626-744-4005$65.00$200.00$80.00
Rubio Caņon Land and Water Association626-797-0509$65.00$0$0

Call your water provider before you buy a new appliance. Find out about your rebate program, how it is paid out and make sure that the rebate is still available.

Conservation Resources

  • H2ouse.org - A great resource to find information about water conservation in your home, with sources of products, tips for installation and step-by-step instructions on how to start conserving.
  • BeWaterWise.com - California friendly landscaping and sources for purchasing, the Water Calculator and the current Watering Index (updated weekly for Southern California)
  • AltadenaWatershed.org - A great resource for the community with links to vital information about conserving water in your home
  • ArroyoSeco.org - Learn about and get involved in efforts to improve the function of the Arroyo Seco Watershed
  • MWD Conservation - tips and rebates from Southern California's major water supplier.
  • EnergyStar.gov - Your source for energy and water efficient appliances
  • Pasadena Water and Power - Conservation tips from Pasadena's municipal utility.
  • LA Department of Water & Power - Water information from Los Angeles
  • Water Conservation Tips - practical direction from the Mono Lake Commitee on practical ways to save water.
  • Watering Index - Check the watering index to determine how to adjust your sprinklers to eliminate water waste.
  • Urban Water Conservation - water tips for homes and business include a virtual home tour.
  • Irrigation Efficiency - Water budgets for agricultural growers and turf managers administering parks, golf courses and other landscapes.

CASO - The Council of Arroyo Seco Organizations

CASO has become a key network for organizations working to improve the Arroyo Seco from the mountains to downtown LA. For more information: