Save Water & Money

Water agencies in the Arroyo Seco watershed provide cash rebates to their customers for low-flush and dual-flush toilets and for high efficiency clothes washers. Check here to see what conservation incentives your water utility offers.

Local Rebates

Inside Home Water Conservation

Conserving water in your home is easy. Use some common sense approaches, replace inefficient appliances, and save money.


Toilet BMPs

Replace your existing toilet with:

  • Low flow toilet (1.6 gallons per flush)*
  • Dual flush toilet (0.8 gallons per flush for liquid, 1.6 gallons per flush for solids)*

Make sure your toilet does not have a leaky flap and that the water level is properly adjusted:

  • A leaky flap in your toilet can result in the loss of 30 - 500 gallons of water per day
  • Water level should be set to one inch below the overflow tube

Chose Water Wise Farmers and Food

  • Agriculture accounts for more than 80 percent of freshwater consumption. Switching to drip irrigation reduces the amount of water used by 30-70 percent while increasing crop yields.
  • Seek out and support local farmer's markets. They reduce the amount of pesticides and fungicides used on foods that wind up in our water supplies.
  • Eat less meat (Producing a quarter pound hamburger requires at least 100 gallons of water) (It takes 15,000 tons of water to produce a ton of beef, while a ton of grain only requires 1,000 tons).

Bath BMPs

  • Only fill what you need
  • Do not send water into overflow drain
  • Make sure your plug does not leak

Faucet BMPs

  • Install low flow faucet aerators on all faucets
  • Use your water efficiently:
    • Turn the water off when brushing your teeth
    • Fill the sink with water when you shave or wash your face instead of letting the water run
  • Repair faucet leaks

Shower BMPs

  • Install low flow shower head*
  • Take shorter showers (no more than five minutes)
  • Use a bucket to capture water as it warms

Dishwasher BMPs

  • Purchase an Energy Star dishwasher*
  • Wait for a full load
  • Use you water level settings

Hand Dishwashing BMPs

Use your water efficiently:

  • Fill your sink with water for rinsing
  • Don't run the water without plugging the sink
  • Turn faucets off when not in use

Clothes Washer BMPs

  • Purchase an Energy Star clothes washer*
  • Do full loads to maximize efficiency
  • Pretreat stains
  • Use the short cycle on lightly soiled loads
  • Select minimal volume setting

*Your local water supplier may have rebates for installing these devices

Conservation Resources

  • - A great resource to find information about water conservation in your home, with sources of products, tips for installation and step-by-step instructions on how to start conserving.
  • - California friendly landscaping and sources for purchasing, the Water Calculator and the current Watering Index (updated weekly for Southern California)
  • - A great resource for the community with links to vital information about conserving water in your home
  • - Learn about and get involved in efforts to improve the function of the Arroyo Seco Watershed
  • MWD Conservation - tips and rebates from Southern California's major water supplier.
  • - Your source for energy and water efficient appliances
  • Pasadena Water and Power - Conservation tips from Pasadena's municipal utility.
  • LA Department of Water & Power - Water information from Los Angeles
  • Water Conservation Tips - practical direction from the Mono Lake Commitee on practical ways to save water.
  • Watering Index - Check the watering index to determine how to adjust your sprinklers to eliminate water waste.
  • Urban Water Conservation - water tips for homes and business include a virtual home tour.
  • Irrigation Efficiency - Water budgets for agricultural growers and turf managers administering parks, golf courses and other landscapes.