Flintridge Prep Seniors Study Arroyo Contamination

December 19, 2012 — Seniors at Flintridge Preparatory School recently completed a study of water quality in the Arroyo Seco as part of their environmental science course. The students collected water samples from five distinct sites, two natural and three urbanized, and tested them for several common contaminants. They then invited local conservationists to a presentation where they explained their findings.

The project identified different contaminant issues at each point. See the students' presentation for more information on their findings.

Flintridge Prep Environmental Students with Arroyo Seco Team Memebers

ASF team members Scott Cher and Jonathan Frame (left) with Flintridge Prep students Dylan Arya, Mike Lii, Mary-Clare Plaschke, Abby Letts, Maddi Brady, Allison Yang, and Arash Zadeh (right).