The Arroyo Verde Awards











Best Advocacy

Pasadena Heritage & West Pasadena Residents Association

Judy Wilson

Peter and Elaine Adams

Michele Zack

Hahamongna Bloggers

Laura Garrett

Lee Zanteson

Roger Klemm

Pasadena Sediment Working Group

Greening the Arroyo (Organization)

North East Trees

Altadena Foothills Conservancy

Audubon Center at Debs Park

Arroyo Seco Foundation

Miguel Luna & Urban Semillas

PCC Seeds of Change Sustainability Club

Arroyos & Foothills Conservancy

Friends of the Southwest Coalition

North East Trees

Greening the Arroyo (Agency)

Pasadena & South Pasadena

LA County Department of Public Works Watershed Management Division

Mountains Resources & Conservation Authority

City of Pasadena

Foothill Municipal Water District

US Army Corps of Engineers

Pasadena Water & Power

LA River Office

Pasadena Public Works

Greening the Arroyo (Business)





Arroyo Vista Inn

KCET Departures

Theodore Payne Nursery

La Loma Development

SoCal Gas Company

Best Volunteer

Lynette Kampe

Jerry Schneider

Steve Slaten

January Nordman

Arroyo Green Team - Audubon Center

Tim Martinez

Lin Cher

Dorothy Wong

Erica Wilder

Citizen Activist

Paul Ayers

Carolyn Naber and Pasadena First

Barbara Eisenstein

Open Space Now

Nolan Pack & PCC Student Government

Mary Barrie

Dianne Patrizzi

Hugh Bowles

Thomas Seifert

Public Official

Congressman Adam Schiff

Anne Dove, National Parks Service

LA Councilmember Ed Reyes

Claire Bowen

Michael Cacciotti

Michael Antonovich

Terry Tornek

Assemblymember Chris Holden

Mayor Eric Garcetti

Lifetime Achievement

Luis Quirarte

Scott Wilson of North East Trees

Peggy Stewart

Dorothy Green

Nicole Possert

Ann Walnum

Lewis MacAdams

Ted Latta

Charles McKenney

Special Award


Jeff Chapman



Virginia Neely

Denis Callet & Wilson Lau

Meredith McKenzie

Jonathan Frame

Jose Raya, Kendra Elliott

The Awards

Best Advocacy - To the individual who has made the best contribution in improving policy, programs or funding for the Arroyo.

Greening the Arroyo (Organization) - For the organization that has made the biggest difference in improving the environment in the Arroyo.

Greening the Arroyo (Agency) - To the city or governmental agency that has demonstrated outstaning leaderhip in the stewardship of the Arroyo.

Greening the Arroyo (Business) - For the business or commercial association that has contributed the most to the enhancement of the Arroyo.

Best Volunteer - To an individual who has improved the Arroyo through consistent, dedicated physical labor throughout the year.

Citizen Activist - To an individual who has shown leadership and mobilized others to improve the Arroyo.

Public Official - To an elected or appointed official or govenmental employee who has make an outstanding contribution to the protection and promotion of the Arroyo Seco.

Lifetime Achievement - This award, which is not given every year, is granted to an individual who has devoted considerable energy and enthusiasm to protecting and promoting the Arroyo over many years.

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