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Spectacular June
Clearance Sale

Hahamongna Native Plant Nursery will be holding a clearance sale each Saturday and Sunday during June from 9 am to 4 pm.

Don't miss this opportunity to beautify your yard with Southern California's best native plants at spectacular savings!

Plants will be priced to move them
out of the nursery and into your yard.
Discounts as high as 40%.

For information call the nursery at (626) 657-0392.

Nursery Directions

San Gabriel Mountains National Monument: On the Chopping Block?

Mayor Tornek Announces Arroyo Planning Effort

Judge Halts Big Dig in Hahamongna

Judge James Chalfant has ordered a stay of all activity related to the County Flood Control District's massive sediment mining and trucking operation in Hahamongna Watershed Park. In a big victory of the Arroyo Seco Foundation and Pasadena Audubon, the judge ordered LA County to revise sections of the EIR dealing with air pollution, cumulative impacts from other projects and the amount of mitigation that must be completed.

KPCC- "Environmentalists win temporary halt to Devil's Gate Dam dig-out"

Pasadena Now - "Judge Halts Devil's Gate Sediment Removal Project"

March 23 Hearing  |  Fact Sheet  |  Contact the Supervisors

credit: Pasadena Now

Arroyo Champions Honored at Festive Holiday Event

December, 18, 2016 - Volunteers from Arroyo Seco Foundation and Hahamongna Nursery along with Linda Vista Library Associates transformed the library into a beautiful native plant garden.

Exciting Arroyo Ecosystem Restoration Plans Unveiled

An almost overwhelming array of restoration alternatives for the Arroyo Seco were presented at a November 15 workshop in Pasadena.

Meeting Report | Frequently Asked Questions | Alternatives

The New Board of Supervisor Should Say No to the County's Big Dig Program for Hahamongna

Now that Election Day has passed, and Katherine Barger has become the Supervisor-elect for District Five on the County Board of Supervisors, it's time for the new Board of Supervisors to take a fresh look at the County's devastating plan for the Hahamongna Basin the the Arroyo Seco. The County Flood Control District's plan to send 400+ double-bedded, diesel-spewing trucks per day for the next five years to clog our streets and neighborhoods and permanently destroy our region's most important treasure just doesn't make sense, and the new board should show the leadership to mandate a long-term, sustainable sediment management plan that can protect Hahamongna and our neighborhoods from environmental destruction while providing flood protection.

Public Doesn't Buy County's Big Dig 'Restoration' Program

The LA County Flood Control District tried hard. They held three public meetings recently to unveil the mitigation program they propose to accompany their massive sediment removal program behind Devil's Gate Dam in Hahamongna Watershed Park, but the public wasn't convinced>

All you have to do is to look at the abundant local coverage of the County's meetings and related activity:

No Big Dig Lawsuit Update

Endangered Birds Spotted in Hahamongna

The recent discovery of a pair of Least Bell's Vireo, a federally endangered bird found only in wetland areas, could throw a monkey wrench in the County Flood Control District's plans to excavate the Hahamongna basin. Another federal endangered species, the burrowing owl, has also recently shown up. The Flood Control District's environmental documentation largely ignored recorded sightings of the federally listed endangered species as well as California species of special concern, namely the yellow warbler and the yellow-breasted chat. "These recent sightings should really focus the regulators on the importance of protecting critical habitat like Hahamongna and enforcing the Endangered Species Act," said Mitchell M. Tsai, attorney for the Arroyo Seco Foundation and Pasadena Audubon in the No Big Dig Lawsuit.

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UPDATE: Hahamongna Nursery Lives On!

Interim City Manager Steve Mermel withdraws eviction notice and instructs city staff to develop a lease for the thriving native plant nursery. Advisory Committee vote and strong community support make the difference.

Pasadena Weekly Features Nursery

Hahamongna Committee Says Stay Awhile

Here is How to Help:
Contact Mayor Tornek
& City Council Members

Nursery Fact Sheet

ASF Applies for Long-term Use of Hahamogna Cooperative Nursery

The abandoned nursery site in Hahamongna on the former US Forest Service Ranger Station has really blossomed since ASF moved in last February to grow native plants for the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project. On January 12, 2016 ASF sent a letter of application to Pasadena's new Public Works Director, Ara Maloyan, to begin the process of securing a long-term lease of the 1/3rd acre site. In the last year ASF and our volunteers have decisively proven that we can operate a model native plant nursery with tremendous benefits for Pasadena and the community. We hope you will support our application for the long-term use of the site.

Nursery Application

2016 Is the Year of the Arroyo Seco River

Three Great Holiday Hikes in the Arroyo Seco

The Local Tree Crisis

The trees in our region have been under extraordinary stress in recent years. Five long years of drought have weakened many of trees and made them more susceptible to persistent pests like the Polyfaguous Shot Hole Bore which is spreading rapidly and threatening new trees. But is the solution to simply cut down threatened trees and hope for the best? Pasadena, chopped down seven ancient oaks in Hahamogna Watershed Park on Christmas Eve and has plans to remove hundreds of trees especially in the natural lands of the Arroyo Seco. Pasadena Public Works officials call it necessary maintenance, but their actions are destroying the character of the rare oak grove in Hahamongna and of the Arroyo Seco itself.

We call on the City of Pasadena to:

  1. Conduct a public forum on habitat and tree preservation,
  2. Begin a program of removing invasive species that are fostering the pests and endangering the trees, and
  3. Develop a plan to restore invaluable habitat in the Arroyo after five long years of drought.

Witness the Devastation Wrought by the Christmas Eve Oak Grove Slaughter

Nick Hummingbird's Photos
Marnie's Photos
Star-News Article

Arroyo Verde Awards Go to Local Heroes

The 2015 Arroyo Verde Awards were held December 13, 2015 at Los Angeles County Fire Camp #2 at the Northwest Corner of Hahamongna. Congratulations to all the awardees and those who came to celebrate the Arroyo!

The event couldn't have been a success without the wonderful dishes everyone brought and the heartfelt speeches each awardee made. We look forward to 2016. Keep in mind those who make an impact in 2016 for next years nominations.


No Big Dig! Lawsuit Update

There have been several changes regarding the court hearing on the lawsuit regarding LA County Flood Control District's program to excavate 2.4 million cubic yards of sediment from behind Devil's Gate Dam in Hahamongna Watershed Park and to truck it to distant landfills. There is now a new judge and the initial hearing has now been backed up until some time later this year.


Haha Lawsuit: What's It All About?

Here's the news briefing explaining the Hahamongna sediment lawsuit filed by the Arroyo Seco Foundation and the Pasadena Audubon Society against the Los Angeles County Flood Control District sediment mining and trucking operation from behind Devil's Gate Dam in Hahamongna Watershed Park. ASF's Tim Brick, Laura Garrett, Conservation Chair of PAS and attorney Mitchell Tsai are featured in the video explaining their concerns and the issues that will be contested in the No Big Dig lawsuit.

The Trucks Are Coming! 50,000 a Year!

County Releases Devastating Hahamongna Sediment Trucking Plan

LA County Flood Control District's sediment removal program for Devil's Gate Dam in Hahamongna Watershed Park is deeply flawed. It's an old-style mining and trucking operation with devastating impacts on the nature and character of Hahamongna Watershed Park and on the surrounding communities.

Arroyo Seco Canyon Project

The Canyon Project is an innovative program to improve water resources and environmental conditions in the Arroyo co-sponsored by the Arroyo Seco Foundation and Pasadena Water & Power Department.


Why Not a Complete San Gabriel Mountains National Monument

By a mysterious process that no one will explain, the Arroyo Seco and the southwest corner of the Angeles National Forest were eliminated at the last minute from the newly announced San Gabriel Mountains National Monument.


Congresswoman Judy Chu has now proposed legislation that would expand the boundaries of the national monument to include all of the treasures of the Angeles National Forest.


Here's Something Real You Can Do About the Drought - Click Here: